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  • The company has advanced spraying equipment at home and abroad: explosive spraying series, supersonic spraying series, powder flame spraying series, wire flame spraying series, bar flame spraying series, etc. Mainly used in the regeneration of mechanical fittings in various industries, through spraying to improve the workpiece surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, high temperature resistance, conductive insulation and so on.

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Product characteristics:
Zirconia ceramics have high density, high hardness and good wear resistance. In particular, its mechanical properties, namely flexural strength and fracture toughness, are much higher than other non-metallic materials. Its service life is 3-5 times that of alumina ceramics. Zirconia ceramics have been widely used in various industries. Its chemical properties are as follows:
_Flexural Strength [Mpa]:750
_Fracture toughness [Mpa.m3/2]:6-8
_Density [g/cm3]: 5.8-6.0
_Thermal conductivity [W/m.k]: 2.5-2.9
_Mohr hardness: 8.5
Name: Zirconia Ceramic Products Application Case
Product number:
Output Unit: Dongguan Tension Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.
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