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How to Choose Thermal Spraying Technology

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            Thermal spraying technology is the most effective, economical and direct method to enhance surface function and process parameters in the field of engineering and mechanical surface. Surface types that can be improved and improved by thermal spraying are almost infinite. By spraying metal, ceramics, alloys, remelting and other technological means, the functional concept of engineering surface can be extended.
            A wide variety of thermal spraying equipment and methods can be selected, whether handheld or mounted on a machine. Thermal spraying technology also covers a variety of options: flame powder spraying, flame wire spraying, arc spraying, plasma spraying, supersonic flame spraying, plasma spraying in controlled atmosphere, vacuum plasma spraying, etc.
            Many industries are using thermal spraying technology to improve the service life of equipment or parts, improve surface process parameters and reduce production and maintenance costs. The functions of thermal spraying include:
            1. Wear resistance
            2. Corrosion resistance
            3. Gap control
            4. Controlling fluid environment
            5. Thermal barrier
            6. Restore dimensions
            7. Changing Conductivity

            Defects in the coating process, i.e. prevention-shrinkage/fisheye description:
            A large number of orifice holes or dents ranging in size from pinholes to 1cm in diameter appeared on the surface of the paint film. Reason: 
           1. Organic bonds containing silicon exist in the spraying environment or on the surface of the substrate. Even a small amount of silicon can cause shrinkage of the paint film.
            2. Other sources of pollution, such as grease, soap, caking, detergent, dust, wax or oil from spray guns.
            3. There is no mismatch in primer.
            4. Vapor saturation in spray paint room. Preventive measures:
             Remove the silicon-containing polishing agent from the spraying surface, prohibit the use of silicon-containing products in the spraying workshop, and prepare the spraying surface according to the following operating procedures.
            Use dewaxing and degreasing agent to thoroughly remove the surface of the substrate, and do not let the detergent dry naturally. When the surface of the substrate should be wiped with a clean dry cloth, each cloth can only be wiped once. Before grinding, the surface of the base should be cleaned, and the cleaning area should be larger than the prepared grinding area. After polishing, the debris must be cleaned from the base surface, and then cleaned with a detergent, the base surface can be sprayed.







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