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About Behind the Gate Home & History Walking  Tours, Charleston, South Carolina
"Every House Has a Story"....."The Wings Tour"
Elise Detterbeck lives with her husband in a house built in 1800 on Church Street, 
  in downtown Charleston.
Originally a French teacher, Elise now uses her teaching skills as a registered city tour guide with her unique walking tour. She also interprets history at the Charleston Museum and has been a museum educator at the Gibbes Museum of Art since 2005. 
Every House Has A Story starts with the Lords Proprietors.....
Limited to small groups (2-8 people), the tour is designed for those who want an in-depth view of Charleston's past. Begin your tour with a brief historical overview, using maps & images relating to the pauses on your walking tour. Your walk will lead you through 300 years of history. Family names and family stories are intertwined with Charleston's tumultuous past. You will come to know & love these gracious homes who continue to tell their stories today.

Behind The Gate
Every House Has a Story

Charleston, South Carolina

Every House Has a Story!
And a new tour
The "Wings Tour"
based on Sue Monk Kidd's book 
The Invention of Wings
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 Every House Has A Story!
A Home & Walking Tour
in historic Charleston, SC
Come hear the stories the houses tell....
Charles Town grew from a tiny colony, pictured above in 1711, to a thriving city, the wealthiest city in North America before the RevolutionFires, epidemics, Indian wars & Pirates plagued the early Colonists

​Active in the American Revolution, Charlestonians moved on into the Federal period. The city grew as it endured a planned insurrection among the enslaved, the threat of abolition, and the "Tarif  of Abomination", eventually starting the Secession of the Southern States leading to the Civil War.
The Great Fire & the Yankee Bombardment during the Civil War destroyed many buildings in Charleston, but Charlestonians rebuilt. Reconstruction had its tribulations too, but by 1886, the city had running water, paved streets, & even a few telephones.The city's boundaries had increased, as shown in the map above. 
After the Civil War
And then came the Earthquake of 1886
And Charleston moves on: Charlestonians rebuild yet again. The Charleston Renaissance brought the rebirth of literature & art, along with the birth of the Preservation Movement. The World Wars brought change as well, and the invention of air conditioning changed people's life forever. And then came Hurricane Hugo. 

But through it all, Charleston survived: its people & their houses endured. Come hear their stories...